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Screens & Extensions

Leaf Screens and Downspout Extensions in Dallas TX

You would be very surprised to know how much debris and gunk ends up in your gutters as well as ways to get water away from your foundation. That’s why it’s important to have your gutters inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly.
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Leaf Screens / Gutter Guards

Leaf screens or gutter guards are a great asset to add to any gutter system because they help prevent debris or build up from interfering with the flow of your gutters. At Creative Gutter, we can add leaf screen or gutter guards to your existing gutters or install with your new gutters. Leaf screens or gutter guards also help save you money in the long run because once they are installed, it reduces the number of gutter cleanings that you need each year. Depending on the environment surrounding your home or office building, the wind can blow leaves, branches, and all sorts of debris into your gutters leaving you stuck with water buildup and possibly even damage to your roof, fascia, or siding. Leaf screens and gutter guards can provide an extra layer of protection eliminating debris from building up in your gutters and allowing the rainwater to flow through properly.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions can be essential on some homes and commercial buildings because they direct water further away from the foundation. The worst-case scenario is that you have a downspout on your gutter system that’s pointing straight down directing gallons of water straight on to the foundation of your home or building. Downspouts that are not directing the flow of water away from the structure can potentially be causing serious damage that can result in thousands of dollars of expenses.

At Creative Gutter, we install downspout extensions to ensure that water flows away from your home or buildings foundation. We also may recommend having a splash block underneath your downspout or downspout extension, so that the water doesn’t create holes and crevasses in your flowerbed or lawn.

If you’d like to learn more about our leaf screen, gutter guards, or downspout extension products, please give us a call or schedule your free on-site estimate by clicking the link below.