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Commercial and Residential Rain Gutter Options in Dallas TX

Turn to Creative Gutter for all of your Residential and Commercial gutter needs in the Dallas Metroplex.

We offer a full selection of different style gutters and gutter installation options to effectively remove water from your roof while enhancing the look of your home or business. In addition, we also perform gutter repair and maintenance services to ensure that your gutters are in shape to continue to handle the rains in North Texas.

Box Gutter Installation Dallas TX

Styles of Gutters

Gutter selection should be based on style of home, size of roof, as well as what is going to function for your house or commercial building.  There are three typical styles of gutters:

– K Style (Ogee) Gutter

– Box Gutter

– Half Round Gutter

K-Style (Ogee) Gutters

K-style gutter resembles crown molding, which complements the aesthetics of your roof eaves. They account for approximately 80% of the gutters installed throughout North Texas.  There are two sizes available in this profile, 5” and 6”, are aluminum, and are available in many pre-painted finishes. 

K- Style Gutter Installation Dallas TX
Box Gutter Installation Dallas TX

Box Gutters

Box gutter is what is states, a box.  There are three typical types of box gutters throughout the Dallas, TX, areas:

  • – Residential Box Gutter (Aluminum/Copper) – Has a lip at top of gutter
  • – European Box Gutter (Aluminum/Copper) – Complete flat face of gutter
  • – Commercial Box Gutter (Steel/Paint Grip/Copper) – Has a lip at top of gutter

Residential and European Box Gutters are typically for residential houses, available in 6”, are aluminum and copper material, and are available in many pre-painted finishes.  Commercial Box Gutters are typically for commercial buildings but can be installed on residential houses.  They are available in 5” thru 12”, available in copper, paint grip, and steel material, and is available in many pre-painted finishes.  Options for downspouts for box gutters are smooth rectangular or square or 4” round downspouts.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are a great look on historic and modern homes.  They are a low-profile look, can be made in aluminum, paint grip, and copper material, and are also available in many pre-painted options.  Aluminum and copper option is available in a seamless option and paint grip is available in 20’ sections.  Typically, 4” round downspouts are used when installing half-round gutters and has an option for hidden hangers or external berger brackets.

Hald Round Gutter Installation Dallas TX
Seamless Gutter Installation Dallas TX

Seamless Gutters in Dallas, TX

All aluminum and copper gutter options can be extruded and installed seamless. Seamless refers to have not having seams in the gutters except in corners and endcaps.  Gutter systems are typically installed with miter strips and screws, but we also offer hand-mitered corners.  Either way we ensure that your gutters will perform flawlessly, look great, and can be enjoyed for years to come!

Contact us today to schedule a FREE on-site consultation to go over options and get an estimate for gutter installation or repair for your home or business. 


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