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Highland Park Box Gutters

Highland Park Box Gutters

Do you think Highland Park box gutters are the right fit for your residential property? Box gutters look like a box and are made from materials like aluminum, copper, and pre-painted finishes. They are the perfect complement for historic and modern homes in North Texas, as they help preserve their original integrity.

To learn more about box gutters and how they would look on your property, contact Creative Gutter today. Our family owned and operated business has a wide selection of box gutters, along with K-style and half-round, all in seamless options.

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What are Box Gutters in Highland Park TX?

Box gutters are called this because they are square and literally resemble a box.  They can be enhanced with either round or square downspouts.  It’s important that box gutters are installed by a trained professional, as these systems need to be installed correctly to prevent standing water.

Here are some things to know about Highland Park box gutters:

  • They are ideal for any home. Box gutters were popular back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are most commonly installed on classic, historical homes, but they are making a comeback with more modern homes.
  • They are available in multiple profiles, sizes, and finishes. Box gutters now come in a few profiles like European or straight faced. Sizes range from 5” to 12”.  Finishes are available in many prepainted options as well as copper, paint grip, and steel.
  • They are more expensive. Box gutters in Highland Park TX are more expensive than standard metal gutters because of their materials and custom designs, but they look great!

Choose Creative Gutter for Professional Gutter Installation

When it comes time to install gutters on your home, count on the professional team from Creative Gutter. Our locally owned and operated business has been serving the North Texas community for over three decades. We are known for our transparent pricing, friendly service and convenient appointments.

With all box gutter installations, you’ll also receive a 2-year warranty on workmanship and a 20-year warranty on materials. To schedule an estimate for Highland Park box gutters, get in touch with Creative Gutter today.