Protect Your Home With Gutters and Gutter Protection System

Your gutters are there to do more than keep the roof from dripping on you when you enter and exit your home. They’re an integral part of your roof, working together to safeguard your home from damaging rainwater. But when leaves, twigs, and other debris clog your gutters, they can’t properly direct rain away from your home. Keep your home safe with gutters AND a gutter protection system for hassle free maintenance and total protection of your home!

When it rains, water runs down your roof and into your gutters, which then direct the water away from your home. Without gutters, rain would simply pour right off the edges of the roof! Gutters collect and redirect the water away from the house, eliminating damage caused by this constant dripping, splashing, and erosion. From wood rot to foundation problems and mold growth, your gutters help prevent a whole variety of problems with your home.

Seamless gutters are probably the most popular systems on the market today. Only seamed at corners, this style greatly reduces the possibility of leaks. If your gutters are old, rotted out, or deteriorating, you should consider replacing them. Installation will not negatively impact your roof or your shingles and will go a long way toward preventing the incursion of water into your home. Your local home improvement contractors should be able to install new seamless gutters on your house for superior rain protection.

However, even new gutters can quickly become blocked by leaves. Especially if your home has overhanging trees, it’s easy for debris to fall in. Clogged gutters can also lead to major problems with your home, including:

Foundation erosion and cracking
Wet basements
Roof damage
Rotting wood
Interior and exterior mold growth

One option is to regularly call a gutter cleaning service. They’ll remove the leaves and gunk to ensure your gutters are clear and water can flow freely. But repeated service calls can be a hassle (not to mention expensive). A long-term and more cost-effective solution is a gutter protection system. Available in a number of styles, these covers and inserts keep the leaves and twigs out of your gutters so they can do their job! Featuring small holes that allow rainwater to pass through, these screens and inserts prevent the leaves and debris from entering your gutters-no more clogs and no more annual cleanings!

Your best bet for complete protection from damaging rainwater is a full gutter and gutter protection system. Contact your local gutter contractors today for more information!